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IN THE MAIL: Letters from readers

Sep 2nd, 2011

Common sense gardening What a super publication. The July/August issue was so right on with old-fashioned common sense gardening tips. In my parents’ day (when ordinary basic soaps were used), wash water went out over the flower beds. Soapy water cured insects on vegetables. Urine was not wasted – it fertilized plants. Cow manure was
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In the Mail: Sept-Oct 2010

Sep 16th, 2010

Bees please Bees, please! As someone who is seeking out how to beekeep in my backyard, your last edition arrived right on time. I enjoyed the author’s observations about beekeeping, but I especially appreciated the section listing local resources. I now know who to talk to locally and am on my way to beekeeping, which
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In the Mail: Letters from readers (July-Aug)

Jul 13th, 2010

More homegrown seeds, growers Great article on seeds in the Pacific Northwest, but you would be remiss to leave out some of the other companies operated by our homegrown seedsmen and plant breeders extraordinaire, including: Frank Morton’s Wild Garden Seeds; Tom Wagner’s Tater-Mater Seed Potatoes and True Potato Seed; and Alan Kapuler’s Peace Seeds. Other
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