Thursday, October 20, 2016

Next issue: NOVEMBER 2016 • Deadline: Oct. 22'ish
Get the local dirt in our northwest corner


“We have had our ad in Grow Northwest for the past four months. Every month it has more than paid for itself. In fact, it has done so well, that we increased the ad size, and added color. It is by far, the least expensive, best producing advertising money we have spent in 2012. We look forward to being in Grow Northwest for many years to come.” –Melissa Tolle, Owner, Top Insurance Associates LLC

“I would be hard pressed to say what I find more fulfilling about Grow Northwest Magazine, reading every issue cover to cover or being a featured advertiser.  Grow really filled a much needed void in our community and as a local, independent business owner I can honestly say that our ad in Grow Northwest brings us new customers EVERY issue.” –Anna Rankin, Bellingham Pasta Company/The Table

“We love having a presence in Grow Northwest – it’s a true community connector, with loads of Do It Yourself resources featured in the articles and calendar listings, and its advertisers are some of the brightest lights of the regional  business community. It’s given Pacific Northwest food co-ops a way to stand  together for real food, partnerships, and community issues. “ –Jodie Buller, Skagit Valley Co-Op

“I’m so excited about this venture. Thanks! This is really pulling together people of like minds and interests.” –Carol Kilgore, Mountainside Gardens & Gifts

“Our local food movement has lots of momentum, and having the lowdown under the common roof of Grow Northwest is really handy. The writing is insightful, the layout clean and the resources seem to know no limits. Just when we need it most, a guide for sustainable consumption has emerged! Go Grow!” –Jeff Braimes, Realtor

“If you want to know where to get local food and learn about  simpler living, Grow Northwest is the best place!” –Sonia Anderson, resident

“What an incredible community resource for local living and sustainable ideas! I read each edition over and over, and appreciate the good, local advertising. Wish you were monthly!” –Michael deBackus, resident

Grow Northwest is the single most important source of our print advertising. We are honored to have been a part of it from the beginning and plan to remain an avid supporter of its pages as long as we own our company. Grow combines customer service, honest dealings, and a great publication that targets the market we want to reach. Being part of Grow brings us customers, and shows them that we are committed to our local food economy.” –Cheyenne Black, Owner, Misfits Bliss Tea